A collection of unique Rooms
in banner format, living on the blockchain.

Whoop Rooms are a canvas for you to tell a story. Place your collection of NFTs inside your Rooms and unite all PFP collections together under one roof!


01 - A New Era

With 5,555 banners, Whoop Rooms will serve as a canvas to empower all PFP collections and give your space a unique atmosphere, inspired by culture, music, film, hobbies, and everyday life. United under one roof, our media will begin to reshape the course of what a banner can be starting September 21st 2022.

02 - Together

An inclusive community is formed, shaped by creativity and web3. We will build and grow our team to new heights with the best talents in the industry. Additionally, we will look to hire within the Whoop Rooms community.

03 - The Future Is 3D

After all the Whoop Rooms are minted the team will be working hard at building a feature on our website that will allow all holders to download 3D files of their Rooms. This has never been done before and will take some time. Our goal is to become the first banner collection to give our holders this utility.

04 - Analytics Tool

Holding a Whoop Rooms will allow you to gain access to an analytics tool that can help you move through the web3 space. You can see what’s minting live, what’s trending, rarity and much more. People pay monthly premium for tools like these but our holders get this incredible tool for holding 1 Room.

05 - IRL Events

The Whoop Rooms holders will have exclusive access to IRL events in many locations, including Film Festivals, custom ROOMS lounges, and more... Wouldn’t it be cool to hangout in your banner... IRL?

06 - Opening Doors

There’s many doors we have yet to open to the public. We are planning and building the expansive utility of the Whoop Rooms ecosystem. As much as we would love to reveal everything, some things are better left as surprise. Stay tuned for what lies ahead...


Supply: 5,555

GUEST LIST - 3 mints per wallet @ .0069 ETH

VIP LIST - 2 free mints per wallet

PUBLIC - unlimited mints per wallet @ .01 ETH

You can own as many as you want buying through secondary market.

Holders will have access to exclusive airdrops, community meet ups and more.


@THESAMTAN Founder | Head of Marketing
Founder | Engineer
Community Manager | Head of Product